// It's the year 2121 //

Greed, control and oppression, that is what dominates the world.
Bravery, persistence and unshakable willpower for change are required.
We were born.
We will find each other and we will make a difference.
Our journey begins.
Become a part of it.
Together we are stronger.

coming soon

The Cryptellion launch is unusual for the Crypto Space.

We had a Secret-Launch. Organic growth will reward us and make us stronger. Everyone can make a difference. If you are reading this, you have a choice. Are you brave enough to fight with us for the Crypto Space ? United we are stronger.

We are ‘The Crypto Rebellion’

We believe that you should be more in control of your digital identity. The way to create a Cryptellion Identity will be different than you probably expect.

The Cryptellion Genesis Card can be seen as the key to your identity, but it might also be worth just holding the card. A Cryptellion Identity and a Genesis Card in one wallet unleash the strongest potential for the future.  In the end, there will be only a few Genesis Cards and only a few Cryptellion Identities. Once you can burn the cards to boost your identity, the supply will decrease. However, both will always benefit from Cryptellion’s ecosystem and future partnerships.

Let’s show the world  that bravery is rewarded and we can build something for the long term in a different way. Be one of us, be a Cryptellion. 

A little hint about the identities:

We love being different, we love Crypto, we love the digital world and we fight for the same goal as a fam.

We are badass Risk-Takers.

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