WTF are drops?

Experimentation is key in the crypto space. The drops are unique and different. 

An extraordinary journey needs extraordinary surprises.

Join Cryptellion now and get the next drop.

3rd Drop

Tick, Tock, Drop & Burn.  

Blockchain Time Coordinated (BTC).  

A new time standard for blockchain enthusiasts.

Eliminate confusion and say it in BTC: 

6 a.m. BTC, 9 a.m. BTC, 4 p.m. BTC, 2 p.m. BTC, ….


Let’s make sure we don’t miss any crypto events and specify the time in BTC.

One BTC Timekeeper Certificate = One Time Unit

2nd Drop

Web3Boardgame was our second Cryptellion drop

It’s the First NFT BOARDGAME collection on the blockchain.

1000 Web3 Boardgames.

Each board has its own rules, you can find them here: COLLECTION 

But there are no limits to creativity and you can make up your own rules. 

Maybe there will be a physical Web3Boardgame soon. 

Stay tuned and get ready! 

ETH RUM was our first Cryptellion drop for our first supporters.

It was a gift from crypto enthusiasts for crypto enthusiasts. 

max supply – 42 bottles

Take good care of it.

1st Drop




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